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A New Hope : Sustainable Denim

The world is facing numerous problems due to the limited resources, increasing population, growing industrialization and the unability to use renewable energy. The term “sustainability” has been emerged as a solution. Our community became more aware of organic and recycled products as a result of environmental concerns. Thus, the demand for these products in the textile industry has expanded. We provide high-quality service by focusing on our sustainablity goals and using worldwide textile accreditations.

Denimer realises its responsibility for the future and tries to make a positive impact on both social and environmental aspects. Therefore, our motto is “The future is in our hands”.

Minimalism in Production

Structuring of the organization in Denimer is a milestone for sustainable production.

In today’s world, where many investments are made on opening new production areas, which brings more waste, less production demand and at the end unused production plants; Denimer has been using the production capacity of the mills. As Denimer, we strive for more sustainable products by increasing the usage of organic cotton and recyclable, both pre-consumer and post-consumer materials. For that, we follow the certificates such




1 BCI (Better Cotton Initative)


2 GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)


3 OCS (Organic Content Standard )


4 GRS (Global Recycle Standard )


5 RCS (Recycle Claim Standard )

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